Why Choose Us?


We love dogs!

Loving dogs is the #1 requirement for joining our team. We find joy in spending time with your dogs and making them happy. We are devoted to caring for your dogs like we would our own. This means keeping them safe, offering unlimited belly scratches, obsessing over every cough or splinter, and making sure they are always secure on their leash. We enjoy learning your dog's likes and dislikes. The more time we get to spend with your pups, the better!

Speaking of Safety...

Above all else, safety is our priority. No dog goes outside without a harness and leash. We focus extensively on how Colorado weather affects dogs. This means we keep a close eye on activity levels and water intake during our hot summer months, and watch out for cold paws during the winter months. If your animal behaves strangely or appears sick during one of our visits, we will contact you immediately. Your pet's health and happiness are why we are in this business.

We Have Vetted Walkers

All of our walkers go through an extensive interview and background check. Background checks are so important as your walker will have access to your home while you are away. You will always meet your walker and give them a stamp of approval before they start spending time with your pup. We take pride in being the best, which means we hire the best!

It's FUN!

What is better than getting a video or picture update of your dog while you are at work? Almost nothing! We enjoy sending updates to you every walk so you can see just how much fun your pup has. We also have an active social media presence featuring our own dogs, and many of our clients (with owner permission, of course)!