Why Choose Us?

This Is My Passion

After leaving the world of real estate, I decided to look at what brings me the most joy. My husband and I agree that animals make me happier than almost anything else. After adopting our two dogs, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to give them the happiest life I could. I am devoted to caring for your animals like I care for mine. This means keeping them safe, offering unlimited belly scratches, obsessing over every cough, splinter, and making sure they are always secure on their leash. 

Speaking of Safety...

I take safety very seriously. No dog goes outside without a harness and leash. I am very aware of how the Colorado weather can affect a dog. This means I keep a close eye on activity levels and water intake during our hot summer months, and a close eye on cold paws during the winter months. If your animal behaves strangely or appears sick during one of our visits, I will contact you immediately. Your pet's health and happiness are why I created this business. 

It's Fun!

What is better than getting a video or picture update of your dog while you are at work? Almost nothing! I send updates to you every walk so you can see just how much fun your pup has.

Coming soon - social media contests, dog of the month, and more!

I'm Service Oriented

A portion of my business is dedicated to making sure that every animal has a full belly, and a warm bed to sleep in. Part of my income is donated to local shelters. Not all dogs have the luxury of wonderful owners, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of love!