Our Story


The Dogs That Started It All

These are the dogs that started it all. Kona (left) and Mister (right) are why I am so passionate about pet care. They've completely changed the way I live my day-to-day life. Read more, below, to learn more about they joined our family. Both are veterans of the Aggieland Humane Society in College Station, TX!



Mister was found in a barn with a mangled leg that needed amputation. The Aggieland Humane Society took him in and gave him the medical care he so desperately needed. His front leg was amputated and he was given a second chance at life. The first time I saw his picture on their web page, I knew he was the one for me. His trusting nature and sweet demeanor melted my heart at our first meeting. He quickly adjusted to his new home as we faced our next challenge. Mister came to me highly heartworm-positive. Heartworm treatment is long, difficult, and often fatal. Through wonderful veterinary care, and lots of love, he is now heartworm free! His favorite activities are asking for treats, napping on the bed he's "not allowed on," and chasing his sister, Kona, around the backyard.



Kona is another veteran of The Aggieland Humane Society. I was nervous to introduce another dog into the family, but my husband really wanted a jogging buddy. After much discussion, we decided that if we got another dog, we would adopt one. As a puppy, Kona was found in a landfill, along with two of her litter-mates. My husband immediately fell in love, so off to the Humane Society I went to sign the papers. Much to the annoyance of Mister, Kona quickly made her mark on our hearts. After a few weeks, Mister and Kona became inseparable and now do everything together, except long jogs with dad! Kona's utter joy is infectious to everybody she meets. She has truly completed our family!  Her favorite activities are running, running, and more running!